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Python Developer Hiring Costs in 2024: A Comprehensive Guide

Get insights on the cost of hiring Python developers in 2024 with this informative guide. Learn about the factors affecting the cost and how to make the best hiring decisions for your business.

Why Python is a Popular Choice for Building Platforms?

Paypal, Quora, Instagram, Mozilla, NASA, Reddit, etc. aside from being some of the most well-known companies, they all have one thing in common: they all have used Python to build their platforms.

Python is a robust general-purpose programming language. This means it’s not limited to one kind of application. A skilled python developer can use it to create just about anything, from apps to games, web development, server-side applications, etc.

With Python, you can build anything from simple scripts like this calculator, complex web applications like Instagram, to data mining and natural language processing.

Python’s growth is fuelled by its diversity, which has allowed it to be applied to a wide range of use-cases. Its flexibility and scalability is the reason why it’s usually ranked in top positions in lists that compare the best programming languages to learn for every programmer. And an area of expertise businesses are always looking for.


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Now, let's continue to delve into the nuances of Python developer hiring costs and how to effectively manage your recruitment budget.

So, how much does it cost to hire a Python developer?

It’s a tricky question - it can be difficult knowing how to evaluate the cost of hiring a Python developer. Pricing is all over the board basically depending on the region, skill, and expertise of the candidate.

You might research the web and think you’ve found the perfect candidate for your business. You ask them to come in and they give you a price - but it doesn’t seem right. In reality that’s only one element of the whole cost story.

In this blog post, we’ll cover all the factors that go into estimating a realistic price for hiring Python developers.

First of all, you’ll need to know what affects the price of a Python developer:

What exactly goes into the cost of a Python developer?

Let’s break it down. There are many different factors that go into the cost of hiring a Python developer. Experience and expertise, location, duration of development, and the complexity of the project all play into it.

Experience and Expertise of the candidate

The more experience a developer has, the higher their salary. And Python developers who have additional skills and knowledge about other programming languages will command even more money from employers. At the very least the best python developers online should have knowledge in Natural Language Processing (NLP), automation scripting, data mining, machine learning, etc.

In addition, Python developers that follow best practices and have industry-standard coding techniques will be pricier than those who don’t. This may be for a number of reasons. Employers are willing to pay more when they know their employees have the skills and expertise required in order to get the job done.


Where you choose to hire will determine the price of your candidate. 

Complexity of Your Project

How complex is the project you want to build with Python? A simple script, data analytics tool, or web app will likely cost less than building a machine learning application. Python is a very powerful language with multitasking capabilities, so it can be used to build complex applications that are capable of solving many types of problems.

Duration of Development

The duration of your project will impact the price you’ll pay for hiring a Python developer. If it takes twice as long to finish a project, for example, you’ll have to pay more.

Price for Hiring Python Developers

If you pay the bottom dollar, chances are the work will be subpar.

What’s more important to you? Getting a specific skill set for less money or finding the right candidate at a reasonable price?

Don’t get us wrong - we aren’t trying to say that hiring the cheapest developer available is a mistake. The issue with that approach is that employers can end up sacrificing quality for cost, which will undoubtedly lead to more expensive costs later on.

The right candidate for the job is someone who can absolutely crush it from day one - and that’s going to cost you.

You really need to know what you’re getting into when hiring developers and ensure that they will be up to the task. If it takes them twice as long as expected to build a simple web app, it could have been avoided if they were more experienced.

In the end, you’re going to want to pay for quality. This means hiring developers that are skilled, experienced and knowledgeable about the industry you’re in - this will make your project successful.

The bottom line is if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Save yourself the headache and hire a developer that is worth your money.

Estimating the realistic cost of hiring Python developers

To help us estimate the realistic cost of hiring a Python developer, we’re going to provide you with some prices from different sources in the industry.

According to Payscale, the salary of the average Software Developer with Python Skills worldwide is $90, 342 (USD) per year; $96, 890 (USD) in the US according to Glassdoor;  $115,066/year or $55/hour per Ziprecruitter.

Cost of Python Developers: What are your Hiring Options?

Hire Full-time In-house Developer

Hiring a full-time in-house developer will be the most expensive option. You’ll need to consider salary, insurance, and other benefits. When you factor in the cost of office space and amenities, it can get really expensive to hire a full-time developer.

Hire Part-time Developer

Hiring a part-time developer will be less expensive than hiring a full-time. You’ll still need to pay a salary and benefits, but a part-time developer will be able to work from home.

Hire an Outsourcing Company

Outsourcing companies can be an effective option because they will handle the recruiting process. The downside is that the cost of hiring through an outsourcing company may be higher than hiring a full-time developer.

Hire a Freelancer

Hiring a freelancer is the cheapest option and it can be very effective if you need to hire a specific skill set. The downside is that you’ll need to manage the freelancer and make sure they complete tasks on time.

The average hourly rate of a freelance python developer around the world is $40 - $85/hour. Remember, this is an average. If you want to hire a talented developer, the hourly rate might be higher.


We’ve learned that there are many aspects to consider when it comes time to hire a Python developer. Depending on your needs, you can hire a full-time developer, part-time developer, outsource the recruiting process or hire a freelancer.

We hope this post has been helpful. If you have any questions about hiring Python developers, just get in touch!

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