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How to Hire .NET Developers? [Step By Step Guide]

Learn how to find and hire top .NET developers with our step-by-step guide. Discover the skills to look for and the hiring process to follow in 2024.

Hiring .NET developers - The basics

Know this:

.NET developers have got a simple mission, albeit a very important one in the organization they serve. Together with a team, they drive the technical development of web applications forward.

Sounds beautiful so far? Unfortunately, for some things, we realized, the hard way is the only way. And this can't be any farther from the truth when looking for absolutely great .NET developers with both tremendous technical skills and character traits.

Don’t despair.

If you'd like to know how to hire a .NET developer almost every time easily and cheap too - no matter how impossible your requirements are, then listen:

There is a time-tested process to this. And we would be happy to discuss everything you need to know - from the skills to look out for in your developer to hiring rates and the proper approach you need to adopt to find .NET developers that tick all the right boxes (even those you don’t know existed)

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Now, let's continue with more insights on streamlining the hiring process for .NET developers

But first..

Who is a .NET developer?

Put simply: .NET developers are specialized programmers that have proven expertise in using and working with the .NET Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) framework.

What does a .NET developer do?

In general terms, a .NET developer uses the .NET platform to build applications.

What is so special about .NET?

.NET allows the use of several high-level languages such as C#,  F#, and Visual Basic without the need to make adjustments for the specific  IT architecture.

Thanks to the platform's broad compatibility with various systems and applications, .NET is used for a variety of purposes and a .NET developer can take on a variety of jobs. Examples: development of websites, apps for the web, smartphone or tablet, and other online applications and the maintenance thereof.

Specific roles and responsibilities include:

  • Writing codes and designing software in a .NET environment
  • Upgrading and improving the functionality of existing software
  • Testing and debugging
  • Providing technical support for web, desktop, or mobile applications.

Must-have Skills requirements for .NET Developers

We are talking about proficiency here my friend. You don’t want to waste time prospecting and contacting an individual that ends up being a dud.

Seek developers with demonstrable abilities and track record. They will be far more experienced and easy to work with. And, whatever you do, do not cut corners. Frankly, this is common sense.

A .NET developer should be very creative and innovative as well as passionate about software development and programming.

Generally, a fantastic .NET developer would have these skills (and more):

  • A strong command of c#, C++, and other programming languages is a must.
  • Ability to write, read, and modify codes cleanly
  • Proficiency with Microsoft’s Visual Studio
  • Expert of .NET framework and its latest features
  • Experience in Object-Oriented programming
  • Excellent communication skills. Including explaining points and ideas to workmates and customers in plain and easy to understand language.
  • Good interpersonal relationship. Meaning they should be able to work in a team and with customers without trouble
  • Brilliant time and cost management skill

Where to find the best .NET developers?

When you are looking for a .NET developer to join your organization or to work on a one-off project for you, you have few options.

So what options do you have?

Freelance Platforms

We’re the biggest fan of Freelance platforms. You can find .NET programmers online using sites like EliteBrains or similar                        

LinkedIn and Social Media

This another option to finding .NET developers online. The premise is simple: you prospect potential candidates and reach out to them. And if you don’t have time to do this, you can always outsource the task to a Virtual Assistant.

Here is a tip to help you:

Take out time to get to know the person first (especially on social media platforms) before you try to bring them on.

Any downside of this method?

Of course. As you might have rightly guessed, this method like the previous one requires time. And it is not set in stone that you will end up with a good .NET developer.

Paid Adverts

Yes, you can also pay to reach .NET developers and inform them about your role, Any of the Pay Per Click (PPC) platforms including Google AdWords can be used. Alternatively, you could advertise on popular niche forums, blogs, Classifieds, news sites as well as print media. Your options are many.

But sadly, paid ads are far from ideal.

Simply because you would be targeting cold (uninterested) traffic. Secondly, these platforms have their peculiarities and often than not, time is required to optimize an ad all the while spending money.

Referral and Word of mouth

Well, this is timeless. You need a service, you ask around from family, friends, or colleagues and they recommend a service provider. Simple.

Our email inbox is filled with requests like this. Heck, every other day we get calls from CTOs and hiring managers for us to recommend experts for them. For one, you are likely going to get a good developer using this method. However, the judgment of the referrer is not always correct or might not align with your goals. So you are back to the beginning.

And then there is the fact that in more competitive niches, people might not reveal their best service providers. Why should they?

Find Top .Net Developers on EliteBrains

it’s much easier to find top .NET developers using a dedicated platform for the best programmers around the world like EliteBrains.

For one, you can get a developer on-demand - no time-wasting or shooting in the dark. Exactly what you see is what you get since all the candidates have been pre-verified.

In our opinion, this is the best route to take if you want to get value for your money’s worth. Did we tell you you can test the skills of a developer for 8-hours free? You heard right! Sign up for free and get started.

Hire the perfect .NET Developer in 5 steps

Irrespective of the method you choose above, the following will help you increase your chances of discovering a best-fit .NET developer for your organization by more than 60%

Consider this your standard hiring process for a .NET developer(you won’t go wrong following these steps).

 Clarify your requirements

First thing first, identify the skills required to develop the new application. The programming language, working methods, and soft skills are particularly important. If you are unsure about the skills, you can discuss this with the candidate.

Just remember: Being sure about what you want allows you to narrow your search and also gives you a clear sense of direction.

Call for applications and search

Once you are clear with your requirements, next, advertise the vacant role. If there is an urgent need, Tech leads or hiring managers can actively search for programmers and find developers. This is easy to do on EliteBrains where you can quickly engage a .NET developer in as short as 30-minutes

 Review applications

As soon you receive applications or identify suitable .NET developers on EliteBrains, you should compare their experience and skills to the requirements you set in the first step.

While reviewing applications, candidates should be able to convince you why they are suitable for the project and what work experience they have already had to make them an asset.


If organizations want to find the perfect .NET developer, then a personal interview is compulsory.

You want to make the entire interview process as transparent and consistent as possible - so ask all the candidates the same questions. We also strongly advise you to watch out for candidates that ask questions during interviews - inquisitiveness is a great asset for any .NET developer.

Questions should test their claims and also suitability to the culture of your company.  Avoid assumptions - if there is an issue you need clarification on, put it out there during the interview.

Finally, and equally very important, a skill test during the interview is not out of place. If you are hiring a .NET expert on EliteBrains, you can do this for 8 hours free.


Finally, after you.ve found the.NET developer that is perfect for your company, it’s time to bring them on. Introduce them to the team and also to your existing work processes.

While at it, keep an open mind. An excellent .NET developer coming on board is likely to see things from a different perspective and can inject fresh ideas that can drive improvements.

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Last words: How to Hire .NET Developers in 2021?

Okay, there you have it. This post just discussed the proven ways to hire.NET developers easily (and even test their skills for free for 8 hours). You don’t require to be an HR genius to succeed either - all you need to do today is act.


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