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BI Developer: Role, Responsibilities & Skills (2024 Update)

Looking to hire a BI developer? Get an updated guide on the role, responsibilities and required skills for 2024. Find top talent today.

BI (Business Intelligence) Developer: Role, Responsibilities & Skills

There is certainly no shortage of data these days - but often there is simply a dearth of valuable information from data. In this post, we will introduce you to experts known as BI developers, including their responsibilities as well as skills they can use to help you make the right business decisions quickly and skillfully. 

Information is power, but data alone won't get you there. Only informed business decisions lead to better results. 

As you explore the intricate role, vital responsibilities, and essential skills of a BI Developer, it's clear that finding the right professional is key to leveraging business intelligence effectively. If you're on the hunt for such expertise, our job portal is your ideal solution."

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Now, let's get back to our discussion. 

When most businesses try to gain insights into new markets, make more sales, generate quality leads, or build a massive following, they almost always look to acquire more data. When, in reality, data is useless.

True, the acquisition and storage of information have become easier, but on the other hand, the resulting flood of information can also mean that companies cannot benefit from the increased information because of its volume and complexity.

As a result, there can even be a lack of information because the information is overlooked by decision-makers or is not available in the company at the right place at the right time.

If only businesses or companies could discover distilled and actionable insights in simple forms from the valuable data gathered, they would half the time and effort it takes to move their bottom line in the right direction. This 100% guarantees they get more value for their money’s worth down the road too.

This is where a Business Intelligence (BI) developer shines through - using Business Intelligence processes to give an organization an information advantage and competitive advantage in the market.

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In this post, you will learn who a BI developer is and what they can do for you in addition to the skills that qualify them for their roles.

Let’s jump right in.

Who is a business intelligence (BI) Developer? Definition & importance

A Business Intelligence (BI) developer is a special type of engineer that is able to filter, analyze and reduce data into manageable chunks of information that supports business objectives by means of BI technologies.

It is the BI practitioner’s duty to develop, deploy, and maintain all the various components of a BI system. 

Before we continue, permit us to backtrack a little.

It would make little sense if you don’t understand the concept of business intelligence technology. So what does business intelligence mean? Here is a definition:

The term “Business Intelligence'' describes analytical processes that derive economically relevant knowledge and action-oriented knowledge from company and business data. In other words, it means automated processes for the systematic collection, analysis, and presentation of large amounts of data with the help of software systems or IT architectures.

And BI is mainly divided into 3 layers:

  • The data source layer
  • The warehouse layer
  • The reporting layer. 

More details...

The data source layer of BI

This layer of BI relates to data sources and storage. At this point, the BI developer deals with

databases, cloud storage, and the various files containing unstructured data. 

The warehouse layer of BI

Here BI deals with the technologies and processes of data warehousing. They include central storage for data and the tools for  Extraction, Transformation, and Loading (ETL). 

The reporting layer of BI

This is also known as the BI interface. At this point, the data is moved from the warehouse, and the BI expert interacts with the data and performs a host of activities on it including data analysis and visualization.

Now think about all these dynamics and interplay of layers, tools, and processes for a minute. The BI developer is common to them all. But more specifically, the BI interface - where all the tools, technologies, and processes are the responsibility of the BI developer.

Now, the next question would be...

What does a business intelligence developer do?

The main responsibility of a business intelligence developer is to convert data into insights that can deliver business value. Okay, great! But there is more to that.

Here are specific responsibilities a business intelligence developer can handle:

  1. Collecting, assessing, and processing data.
  2. Supervise data entry in data warehouses.
  3. Develop policies and procedures for data collection and analysis.
  4. Implement new data analysis methods.
  5. Create or discover new solutions for data processing.
  6. Testing hypotheses
  7. Developing strategies and roadmaps
  8. Success control and improvement measures
  9. Analyze existing applications, fix errors, and optimize tools, processes, and systems
  10. Maintain and document processes 

How can you recognize a good BI developer?

The most important thing is that the candidate hired is well trained and therefore can deliver good results. In addition to this, BI developers must generally have excellent communication skills and an in-depth understanding of the technologies (hardware and software) that are used to successfully carry out a BI process. A “BI developer”' must also be aware of market developments, trends including new, advanced technologies.

Important BI Developer skills

A BI developer should bring these skills with him:

Hard skills

  • Mastery of BI Tools

When it comes to configuring existing BI products or building new ones, a BI developer shouldn't be found wanting. Therefore, the developer should be skilled in Python, scripting languages, and data visualization. Other knowledge required includes ETL/ELT processes, data warehouse architecture, and data formatting.

Furthermore, a good developer must know how to use any one of a third party product like Amazon's QuickSight, Hadoop platform, or Apache Superset.

  • Database Expertise

A BI developer can't escape handling SQL/NoSQL queries and as such should demonstrate an understanding of these tools frequently used in databases and data models.

  • Solid command of Programming

BI systems are hosted on various platforms including mobile. So it is important that a BI developer should not be wet behind the ears when it comes to the most common programming skills and languages including but not limited to Javascript, Java, PHP atc. A note here though: the skills required will depend on the platform the BI system’s interface would be used.

  • Data Analytical skills

Knowledge of data analysis is needed for data modeling and data warehouse architecture. Therefore the best BI developers have this in their resume.

  • Knowledge of Business Analysis

To get the requirements for future projects right as well as make sound business decisions from the onset a BI developer with an understanding of business analysis is a catch.

Soft skills

  • Teamwork

  • Communication skills

  • Problem-solving skills

  • Multitasking

Typical industries where BI Developers are needed

Business Intelligence Developers are required in almost every sector. In practical terms, they can be found in the financial scene, software development, or the manufacturing industry as well as any kind of business entity. The rise in digitization accompanied by an increased need for intelligent and data-supported solutions that must be satisfied fuels the growing demand for BI experts around the world today.

How to Hire Best BI Developer Online

Every now and then we get an email or phone call that goes something like this…

“Please recommend a terrific BI developer for us. We’re down on luck despite investing huge sums and time. We need you to come through for us - anyone?”

Well, the feeling of frustration is far too common. 

So here goes...

The following is a simple and easy guide on ways you can hire a BI developer for your company – whether you own a startup, an eCommerce business, or a FinTech company.

You can hire BI developers using different approaches today.

Local employees can be permanently employed or freelancers commissioned depending on the project. 

Of the two methods, freelancers are more favored by tech leads, CROs, or hiring managers because they can be hired on a project by project basis. After the collaboration is over, the bill is settled and there is no further expenditure on social security, taxes, or labor laws.

However, the search for the best-fit is often time-consuming. And even after long research and numerous interviews, the deliveries are not always heartwarming.

Actually, we’ve done this before and can tell you exactly what you’ll see: a bunch of unverified claims and bogus promises. Profiles created for the express purpose of deceit and appearing “professional.”

Do you know what it translates to almost all the time? Delayed turnaround, poor communication, and uninspiring end product, without exception.

This is, of course, the opposite of what you want.

All of which begs the question of how exactly do you find the perfect BI developer? One that can be trusted, relied upon, and leaves you safe in the confidence you would get a stunning result?

Fortunately, finding one is not rocket science.

The best way is to combine and expand on the models mentioned earlier - with remote teams that can theoretically be distributed around the world, you can receive well-trained experts at affordable prices.

Note: There are numerous agencies online that offer dedicated remote BI experts. But these platforms differ enormously in terms of quality and prices.

There are high-priced companies that provide an excellent selection of employees. But the cost makes every project seem uneconomical. 

Other agencies with ridiculous prices give poor results and no support. 

Then there is EliteBrains on the other hand.

EliteBrains is at the side of quality discerning companies that want to hire the best developers without blowing a huge hole in their budget.

With thousands of top developers from all over the world at reasonable rates (under $65), because we optimized our processes as best as possible. And the best in class support because we are business people ourselves. Your peace of mind is assured, and satisfaction guaranteed! Always.

We can’t encourage you to consider the quality and proficiency of a BI developer enough. Thanks to a robust screening process including a 3-level test consisting of the logical test, programming test, communication, and reliability, you are 100% guaranteed a top BI developer so you don’t need to spend resources on ads and recruitment outsourcing. And the best part: you can test the skills of a candidate for 8-hours for FREE! No obligations required.

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