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The 5 Biggest Technology Trends In 2024 (New)

Discover the top 5 technology trends set to take over in 2024 and beyond. From artificial intelligence to extended reality, stay ahead of the curve with this insightful guide.

If you’re not investing in the right technology, then you’re at a serious disadvantage to your competitors. Other businesses will move faster and be more innovative – it’s as simple as that.

This is even more so in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic - people now realize the power of technology and how it can make their business more efficient and profitable. However, it’s a fast-moving world out there, and staying ahead of the technology curve is a real challenge. 

But, if you know what to look out for then it’s a lot easier.

In this blog post, we will start at predicting the five biggest technology trends that we should be aware of in 2023.

If any of these predictions come true then hopefully they will help your business stay ahead of the curve and get ahead of your competitors.

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Now, let's dive back into those transformative technology trends that are shaping our future

The 5 biggest technology trends in 2023 you need to know


According to a survey of over 2,400 global CIOs and technology executives from various sectors conducted by Gartner INC., Hyperautomation is the top technology trend.

At its core, Hyperautomation is a way of simplifying and speeding up our current processes in an effort to become more efficient.

Why is Hyperautomation a big deal?

At the moment, Hyperautomation is currently being used in a very basic form. For example, everyone has heard of self-driving cars, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. The real opportunity to be had with Hyperautomation is when you start applying it to more complex tasks. 

For businesses, the focus, as noted by Gartner INC. is enhancing work quality, speeding up business processes, and making decision-making agile through the use of automation. Therefore we would see more connected sensors and machines working together to complete tasks that would be faster, more efficient, and accurate.

Next -Level Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence is not a new technology. Now, more expectations are being placed on it as we look for more and better uses of AI.

Concepts like "Generative AI" are touted as part of the next big things in the AI trend. According to Gartner, "Generative AI has the potential to create new forms of creative content, such as video, and accelerate R&D cycles in fields ranging from medicine to product creation."

Additionally, in another survey of almost 1,000 IT consultants carried out by  BearingPoint - a management and technology consultancy, "Responsible AI" is top on their list of trends to look out for.

Responsible AI is about "fair and easily explainable" predictions that would make it easy for clients and regulators to understand. In the light of this, a lot of resources are being put into improving AI systems - making them more robust and cutting-edge.

From these 2 leading surveys, it's clear AI will not only consolidate its position in the technology industry but we would be seeing it take a giant shift to the next level.

Cybersecurity mesh

Both the Gartner and BearingPoint survey analyzed are tipping "Cybersecurity Mesh" as a significant trend.

The premise of the Cybersecurity Mesh is quite simple: rather than have a central, core cybersecurity system, it would be a mesh of security systems that work together to protect your digital assets.

In the words of BearingPoint, "The cybersecurity mesh is a distributed architectural approach for scalable, flexible, and reliable cyber control." It’s an integrated security solution that uses the strength of stand-alone security solutions to help organizations of all sizes deliver comprehensive protection across physical, network, and cloud layers.

Cloud-Native Platforms 

Cloud technology has seen a steady rise since its inception. CTOs, FinOps, and IT personnel are now using the cloud more than ever.

According to the Gartner survey, "Cloud-Native Platforms" will be a big part of the cloud technology trend in 2022.

For organizations, it is paramount to be able to integrate their applications and data with cloud-based systems to maximize benefits without any friction and the complexity of maintenance. 

This is where the Cloud-Native Platforms come in - they will enable users to "build new application architectures that are resilient, elastic and agile — enabling you to respond to rapid digital change." 

Embedded data and analytics

Data and analytics are key to the digital transformation of organizations. To be able to make sense and derive insights from data, it needs to go beyond just stand-alone systems and tools.

Organizations need to be able to harness data from a wide array of sources and make it easy for business users to see what's going on in order to give them a 360-degree view of the business.

Gartner calls this shift "Data Fabric". Which is "a flexible, resilient integration of data sources across platforms and business users, making data available everywhere it’s needed regardless where the data lives." Finally, Data fabric can utilize analytics to learn and proactively suggest where data should be utilized and altered.


We have seen a few key technology trends in 2023 that would take the industry to new levels. In any case, it is important for organizations and individuals to stay on top of these rapid changes in technology and adapt themselves accordingly. 

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