EliteBrains takes on the world
with the help of WeWork Labs

  • days spent on trip 52
  • km travelled 40.075
  • cities 8

Who is taking a part in this trip?

Vojtech Zahorsky

Vojtech Zahorsky, CEO of EliteBrains

Guess who is going to travel around the world?
I am. You can meet me in one of the eight destinations I am going to visit. The goal of this trip, and also my personal mission, is to demonstrate it is possible to work from anywhere; be it your office, your home, another city, or a different time zone. I will stay and work for a week in Stockholm, New York City, Austin, Los Angeles, Sydney, Singapore, Tel Aviv, and Prague. Thanks to the amazing WeWork, I will have access to their offices in all of those locations. I will be happy to meet with my existing clients, future clients, you, and everyone who is passionate about entrepreneurship, software development, startups, and beer.

  • EliteBrains logo

    EliteBrains provides companies with freelance software developers. Our members come from all over the world, therefore we can provide our services anywhere.

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    With its 250.000 members and 800 offices, WeWork transforms the world of workspace. Last but not least, WeWork offers its members absolutely amazing offices.

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    WeWork Labs is a global innovation program for early stage startups. With its satellite program, the members can travel and work from all around the world, meet with mentors, clients, and more.

Business trip route

The goal of the trip

Demonstration of:
The value of remote cooperation
We are not saying remote is the only choice. We are saying remote is the solution to the resource problems in the age of ultra-low unemployment.

Unlimited possibilities with WeWork spaces
Take the advantage with WeWork offices and work from one of the 800+ locations (WeWork Labs being present in 80+ of those).

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