5+ years of software development experience

Having at least 5 years of active, tracked experience with software development is the very first condition candidates have to pass when applying to EliteBrains network.

5+ years of software development experience

How do we test developers:
Tired of hiring low-quality developers and loosing your time and money with unsuccessful development projects? Hire proven, high-quality resources from EliteBrains?

EliteBrains is a worldwide network of 8300+ developers, growing every day. Before accepting candidates to our platform, we take them through a strong vetting and testing process. Having at least 5 years of active experience in software development is the very first condition before starting the testing process. Thanks to this condition only the enthusiasts and professionals are accepted EliteBrains network.

How else we test developers before accepting them to EliteBrains network

  • Technology and coding tests
    To be sure developers are the professionals at given areas, they have to pass difficult, 6-hour programming tests built by the real experts in each industry. Only 10% of applicants pass them.

  • Logical and mathematical tests
    Being a top-skilled software developer is not only a matter of knowing programming languages and frameworks. Some things, such as analytical or solution-oriented thinking are timeless qualities. They make the difference between the average and the best software developers.

  • Reliability evaluation
    Finally, we understand that top talent also requires a formidable work ethic and solid communication skills. To minimize the possibility of flaky freelancers, missed deadlines, misunderstandings, and unanswered messages, our software developers go through the evaluation process that lasts up to three weeks.

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